WELCOME TO STYLE SQUARED! We are AldonaB and Yalda Kazemi and our philosophy is that style and confidence go hand-in-hand. Our mission is to help you rediscover yourself by empowering and educating you to identify the style that truly reflects your authentic self, while feeling confident and inspired.


We combine elements of style and wellness to teach you how to dress for your unique personality, shape, career, lifestyle, and budget, in addition to providing you with transferrable skills to help you feel confident and motivated to reveal your best self.


Backed by research in psychology, our aim is to show you how looking your best can contribute to your overall mental wellness, and in turn, affect your mood and performance.

Having personally undergone illnesses and life experiences which have resulted in changes in our bodies, weight, and confidence, we wanted to create a company and offer styling services that don’t just focus on how to dress, but also incorporate elements of mental wellness and confidence building as well.



And vice versa.


Which is why we take a wholistic approach to not only educate you about style and fashion, but also work on the foundation of helping you understand what works best for you and your shape, while rediscovering a confident and updated version of yourself.


We are passionate about the work that we do, and it's not just about the clothes. We are here to Inspire, Rediscover & Celebrate with YOU! 


We want to inspire you to try something new. Whether it’s a new colour, print or a style you’ve always wanted to try, take the chance and do it! You will often be pleasantly surprised. Also, check out our blog & YouTube channel for free inspirational styling content to help you along the way (and sign up for our email list for bonus goodies!)


Through our corporate presentations, events and personal styling services, we hope to help you rediscover your authentic self and unique personal sense of style.



We want you to celebrate! Celebrate yourself.  Your style, unique characteristics, strengths, accomplishments, confidence and your new self! 



“Yalda and Aldona gave a powerful presentation during a lunch and learn seminar at Foster LLP. Everyone really enjoyed the presentation and thought it was not only informative, but also fun and entertaining as well. Both Yalda’s and Aldona’s personal stories also really added a touching element to the presentation which was very moving. These ladies really know their stuff and provided my colleagues and I with very helpful guidance, tips, and ideas on dressing well and the reasons behind it.” 


"Hosting a Style Squared Session in our space was a great experience. The audience was actively engaged and both Yalda and Aldona presented useful, applicable knowledge in a friendly, approachable manner. Both stylists clearly have extensive experience is using fashion and style as more than just the cloth the clothes are made from. Using fashion as a tool to promote wellness, confidence and embracing your best self were ideas that clearly resonated with attendees. The addition of hands on styling, and bringing clothing items from local shops was both a nod to local designers and local retail, as well as a great way to demonstrate current trends and styling tips. Tangible takeaways for attendees are always a win! We would definitely host StyleSquared again!” 


- Hunter hub for entreprenurial thinking,

university of calgary